How we create

I believe Fashion is an art and creating clothes is an artisanal process that is best made by people passionate about their skills, working locally and in good conditions.

That is how you can create clothes that inspire emotions and unique styles. So my brand is as far as it gets from the Prime model and the mass market.

Tradition meets modernity from the beginning, when I imagine a collection, through the sourcing of material till the production and the customer care.The materials are carefully selected from the local suppliers of major luxury brands, or I go to Paris or to Italy to source the best fabric with organic materials and new technology. I also work with a few Japanese fabrics. Quality, confort and unique shades are what I am looking for.

The result is luxury garments at rather affordable prices. Overproduction is one of the curses of fashion and I fight it by managing my stock to avoid any waste. Often producing only on demand and working with a Belgian atelier that is able to deliver on short notice. It’s slow fashion.